You can easily leverage your investments! -  using a selection of advanced, professional tools.

In light of the development of computers and the internet, investors realized that a computer can easily scan and analyze a complete history of stocks and create a scan analysis. The scanning combines statistical and mathematical calculations, and by one simple button click, you can receive results directly to your computer. You need not know the mathematical or statistical background to analyze the results, but a basic knowledge in technical analysis.

1.FxGraph Premium Professional Technical Analysis Program

Using the program you can easily identify the stock market's real trend, what are the hot stocks and which stocks to look out of all in one professional program, suitable for advanced and beginners in the field. Read More, Download

2.FxG-Live Online Stock Portfolios Manager

This tool virtualizes your real stock portfolio, combining our great experience and advanced tools you can easily keep track of your holdings, receive technical alerts and thus significantly increase your portfolio's revenue. Read More, Enter FxGLive

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