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Everything you need – in one page.
In FxG Live homepage you can view your portfolios' performances, stocks, watch lists, and finance news from popular site. With the alert icon you can keep track of stocks crossing user-defined levels.

ניתוח טכני

Stock Portfolios Manager
In FxG Live, one of the most advanced virtual stock portfolios managers in the world, you can do everything, from defining the portfolio's base currency, supporting short holdings, automatically created transaction tables and watch lists, up to keeping track of your portfolio's gain. It can also interact with FxGraph Premium and open stocks' graphs.

Technical Analysis

Advanced alerts System
You can easily receive alerts to your mail or phone. FxG Live's alert system supports static and dynamic stop-loss levels both for buying and selling levels.

ניתוח טכני - כלים

Export to Microsoft Excel and analyze your portfolios.
In FxG Live, You can view your portfolios divisions to categories and to enable flexibility you can export the data onto excel.

מדריך FxGraph Premium

Usage Manual
The application has a unique and extensive usage manual – with which you can easily learn to use all of the features in FxG-Live. You can contact us here.

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