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Variety of Stocks
With FxGraph you can analyze variety of stocks from the NASDAQ. You can navigate through the categories or quick search by stock symbol.

ניתוח טכני

Advanced Interface System
FxGraph is based on the new Ribbon visual technology by Microsoft. It is the best solution for complex applications. Most useful tools are located in the Home tab, other technical tools are located in the Technical Tools tab. FxGraph has a variety of options to display multiple graphs simultaneously. Drag the graph to the desired location and FxGraph will organize it with accordance to other opened graphs.

Technical Analysis

Several Graph Display Options
With FxGraph you can enjoy an extensive technical experience. You can display graphs in Point and Figure, Three Line Break and more.

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Technical Analysis Tools
In additional to the basic technical tools, you can find in FxGraph extensions to the Fibonacci and Gann tools and technical oscillators. You can easily improve your technical analysis capabilities. You can adjust the tools to your personal needs, and also change their display settings to better feel the experience of technical analysis.

Personal Analysis
FxGraph has a unique set of drawing and analysis tools with advanced graphical capabilities and user interface. From now on, instead of analyzing a stock and adding graphical objects using external programs, you can easily analyze and integrate graphical objects on the same program.

Stock States in FxGraph Premium

Stock States is a new technology by FXG enabling analyzing and saving any analysis you make. You can send these state files to another user to open or edit them in FxGraph Premium. Stock state uploading & sharing – through the uploading and sharing features you can get advice from other investors on your analysis, get better and enjoy the continued advancement of technical analysis.

Stock Portfolios Manager - Technical Signals

FxG Live – Stock Portfolios and Watch lists Manager
With the FxG Live stock portfolios manager and its integration in FxGraph Premium, you can receive buy and sell alerts and monitor your portfolios' performances.

מדריך FxGraph Premium

Usage Manual
The program has an extensive usage manual – with which you can easily learn how to use FxGraph Premium and take advantage of all of the program's tools and features. You can contact us here.

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